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Plant Care Monstera deliciosa

Plant Care Monstera


  • Monsteras do not want to stay too moist as they will develop yellow leaves
  • Water when the plant is dry down to your second knuckle.
  • In a pot larger than 10″ in diameter, use a dowel or stick to measure the moisture—stick the dowel to the bottom of the pot, leave it there for a few minutes, pull out to see if there is moisture on the bottom of the stick. If dry, water thoroughly.
  • Always water until water runs out of the drainage hole. Never leave the plant standing in water.


  • Bright to medium light -east or west window is good
  • Will grow in a low light situation (north) as well
  • In lower light levels it won’t grow as fast and will stay smaller which may be better as this will become an enormous vine eventually


  • Fertilize every fourth watering (approx. once per month)

  • I live in the northern United States and only fertilize from March through September

  • Use a balanced fertilizer

  • I use a water-soluble 20-20-20

  • I use one-third to one-half the amount recommended on the packaging for houseplants

Additional Care

  • This plant can become monstrously large, so make sure you have a place for it
  • It is toxic to pets
  • It may need some kind of support as it is a vine and can become large

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